The Rose Garden

Beyond the knots we planted two simple rectangular beds, each planted with Rosa ‘Mundi’ and R. ‘The Fairy’, edged in catmint and interplanted with forget-me-nots and Bergenia. The four outer beds are edged in Hidcote lavender and planted with roses: one of R. x alba and species roses; one of R. centifolia and Moss roses; one of R. gallica, Damask and Bourbons; and one of ‘China’, R. rugosa and Hybrid Perpetual roses.

Among the roses we plant spring bulbs, white foxgloves, blue and white Campanula persicifolia, several species of Geranium and late-flowering perennials. This dense planting in a restricted colour range is very effective, both visually and botanically.

The inner beds are edged in hyssop and planted with a romantic profusion of David Austin roses, small shrubs and herbaceous plants that span the season, from early hellebores to late-blooming Fuchsias and Hibiscus. In the centre lies a brick pattern of a circle within a square within a cross, closely planted with golden thyme, through which Narcissi and Madonna lilies grow throughout the different seasons. From the central circle a stone figure of Flora, holding a garland of roses, surveys the scene. These brick beds are softly enclosed by yew hedging.

If you leave the Rose Garden towards the Tea Rooms you will pass through a simple avenue of Pyrus nivalis edged in box. The brick path has mounds of Parahebe, Geranium and Fragaria growing along it.