Shrub Borders

If you walk away from the Hall up the length of the border and turn right before the gates, you will see a mixed border on the left. The colour scheme is blue, yellow and silver, incorporating Pittosporum tenuifolium, rosemary, sage, Mahonia, Physocarpus diablo and ferns interplanted with vigorous perennials such as Inula magnifica and Cephalaria.

We have planted David Austin roses on the south-facing side, along with Bupleurum fruticosum, Carpenteria and other unusual shrubs. Alstroemeria, Delphinium, Agapanthus, and a selection of perennials grow amongst them.

The Topiary Garden

Completing the circuit of borders within the Walled Garden is a narrow south-facing topiary border with interesting and humorous topiary shapes, separated by big drifts of Iris ‘Sable’, Delphinium and white lavender.

Colour-themed Buttress Border and Potager

Continuing our idea of planting the wide borders with different characteristics, we have created yew buttresses on the north side within the Wall. These buttresses serve to separate colour-themed borders, creating interest in mid to late summer.

We have echoed this buttress effect with similar shaped wire work further down the Wall, where you will find our Potager along with interesting herbs and salad crops. Various climbing plants are trained up the wirework.

The Grass borders

Turning left before the gate, this east-facing border houses decorative and unusual shrubs such as Heptacodium miconioides, Lonicera involucrata and Euonymus ‘Red Cascade’, punctuated by different and interesting forms of grasses.

Hellebores are planted for early interest and ground cover. Kniphofia look wonderfully cosmopolitan with the grasses, which include Miscanthus ‘Silberspinne’, ‘Rotsilber’, and ‘Graziella’, Luzula sylvatic ‘ Aurea’, Panicum virgatum, Stipa brachytricha and Pennisetum ‘Karley Rose