The Parterre and Hybrid Musk Garden

The Parterre and Hybrid Musk Garden are on the west side of the house and are approached along a wide grass causeway which is flanked by large yew domes, separating the house moat from the garden moat that encircles the Walled Garden.

We redesigned the Parterre in 1978 using a permanent planting of box hedging infilled with Santolina incana. The two round beds surrounding large stone urns are seasonally planted with wallflowers and white cosmos. Box topiary echoes the forms of the brick obelisks.

Beyond the Parterre, and surrounding it on three sides is a rose garden planted in 1965 by, Dinah, Lady Tollemache, containing hybrid musk roses edged with Hidcote lavender and underplanted with London Pride. We have since worked to constantly add to our collection.